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Resources for Families Experiencing Conflict

Family conflicts are unique to each family, but some patterns may be consistent across time and culture.  You might find one or more of these resources to be helpful. 


BRUNO, Ellen.  SPLIT: A DVD and Viewer’s Guide for Parents and Professionals.  (2016)


Bonnell, Karen.  The Co-Parent’s Handbook.  (2014)

Drutman, Howard.  Divorce: The Art of Screwing Up Your Children.  (2016)

Kossen, Jeremy, et al.  Putting Kids First In Divorce. (2016)

Philips, Susan.  Stepchildren Speak:  10 Grown-Up Stepchildren Teach Us How to Build

                        Healthy Families.

Ricci, Isolina.  Mom’s House / Dad’s House and Mom’s House / Dad’s House For Children.                   (1980).

Ross, Julie.  Joint Custody With a Jerk:  Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex.  (2011).

Wallerstein, Judith, Ph.D., and Sandra Blakeslee.  What About the Kids?  Raising Your                             Children Before, During, and After Divorce.  (2003)


Ahrons, Constance, Ph.D.  The Good Divorce:  Keeping Your Family Together When Your

                        Marriage Comes Apart.  (1994)

Green, Janice.  Divorce After 50.  (2013)

Sherman, Ed.  How To Do Your Own Divorce in California.  (several editions)

Stoner, Katherine.   Divorce Without Court.  (several editions)

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