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Parenting Brochures Available for Divorcing Parents

The LA County Superior Court publishes parenting brochures that are specific to the needs of children of different age groups.  You can find the brochure for “Infants to Three Years” easily by Googling  “Parenting Plan Los Angeles.”  The parenting needs of infants are quite different from those of teenagers; the court’s brochures span the ages from birth to eighteen.

To find other ages, helpful Google search terms include:
“Creating a Parenting Plan  Los Angeles  3 to 5 years”
“Creating a Parenting Plan  Los Angeles  6 to 9 years”
“Creating a Parenting Plan  Los Angeles 10 to 13 years” and
“Creating a Parenting Plan  Los Angeles 14 to 18 years”

These brochures contain information about what works well at different developmental stages.  There are almost always options available that can be adapted to your specific situation.  If you and your co-parent need a bit of help in designing a parenting plan to serve the best interests of your child or children, feel free to give me a call.

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