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Online Mediation

Online mediation uses your choice of tools (phone, video, or text) for confidential, secure discussions about a wide variety of family concerns. Developing good communication skills is important. We aim to avoid, resolve, or minimize temporary crises. Where possible, we will develop long-term solutions. Online Divorce Mediation provides temporary or permanent solutions to issues related to divorce. Family Mediation Online includes mediation of a wide range of issues, including care of family elders, preservation of family assets, and other family-related topics.  Marital Mediation Online may resolve a thorny issue so that the marriage can continue, avoiding divorce. With Premarital Mediation Online you and your future spouse will work together to build the foundation for your proposed partnership.

How Do We Start an Online Divorce Mediation?

It starts with a free, totally confidential 15-minute phone call. Your spouse or other family member may also have a free, totally confidential 15-minute phone call. Then, we schedule a 30-minute consultation for both spouses — it’s best if we are online together, but in separate physical rooms. If necessary, we can have separate consultations of 20 minutes for each spouse. The consultation previews how we might work together online. We practice using the technology and process guidelines for mediation, without any pressure to commit to mediation. You will receive a PDF of my free booklet “Creating a Soft Landing with Online Divorce Mediation.”  Why wait? You can call 626-441-1900 now or you can schedule your confidential 15-minute phone call for a later time.

How Much Does Online Divorce Mediation Cost?

A prepaid 3-hour block of mediator time is $630, which usually covers 2 online mediation sessions and some between-session mediator time. My hourly rate is $230 per hour, paid at the time of service.

What Else Do We Need to Know?

Reaching an agreement is great — but what then? Even couples who agree to all divorce terms in mediation will need a judge to sign off on the divorce judgment. Getting your judgment does not mean going to court for hearings. Most people don’t know that for most people, you don’t need an attorney to get divorced. You have options. Please see the DOCUMENTS page for information about document preparation for representing yourself.

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