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Military Family Mediation

Welcome, military families, current service members, and veterans! Family mediation, conducted online by video or by phone, can serve you during deployments, when you are preparing for PCS, or simply when it is more convenient to meet online than to deal with the traffic on the drive to a physical office. If you are considering divorce – mediation is, in my opinion, the best way to get divorced.

Mediation Is Future-Focused

As you can see when you explore other pages on this site, family mediation is a process for problem-solving. Most of my 250+ mediations have involved divorce, but I also do marital mediation, pre-marital mediation, post-divorce modifications, and elder/adult family mediations. Mediation works well for almost any time when there is a troublesome family issue, with less stress and less expense than litigating.

Divorce mediation is not the same as therapy. Mediation is future-focused. It provides a structure for ending a marriage with one’s dignity intact. The decision-making power rests with the parties, not the mediator. The neutral mediator listens to both parties, encourages them to listen carefully and to think more flexibly about ways to resolve their situation, and writes up the terms to which they both agree.

Why I Do This

After college, I heard about mediation and decided that I wanted to become a divorce mediator, to help families avoid the stress that had engulfed my own family. My parents had battled it out in the last year of fault-based divorce in California. Because of my parents’ nasty divorce, I hadn’t spent much time with my father after high school. But my father died unexpectedly before I could tell him that I was thinking about law school and mediating divorces. After he passed, I learned that he had said that the two things that had mattered most in his life were his children and his service in the Navy. So, I sought out the Navy in part because I wanted to know more about the institution that had meant so much to my father.

I was lucky enough to be offered a commission into the Navy JAG Corps directly from law school; it was an amazing first legal job. I had to learn about California family law in order to serve my clients as a Legal Assistance Officer. I learned about contracts and the subtleties of counseling clients who outranked me. And now, I hope that by offering family mediation online, I can give back to the military community.

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