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FAQs for Divorce Mediation

How Long Does It Take?

Divorce mediation usually unfolds over several sessions rather than as a one-shot deal. This way, you have time to think about the important decisions that you are making. You can test out your decisions before they become final. We usually meet together, in a joint session. However, holding a caucus, or private session with each client at the beginning of the process, tends to create a smoother, quicker path toward settlement.

How Many Sessions Should I Expect?

If there are children involved, there will be one or more sessions devoted to developing a parenting plan, child support, and all things necessary for the child/children, plus:

  • One or more sessions will be devoted to financial disclosures.
  • One or more sessions will focus on division of assets and debts.
  • If spousal support is an issue, it may have its own session, or it might be folded into one of the other sessions.

Why Are Financial Disclosures Important?

It is necessary to have good information on which to base your decisions. An important part of preparing for your mediation is assembling all of your financial information. You have a choice: using pen and paper or inputting your information online.

What Agreements Should I Expect?

We may arrive at temporary agreements for parenting, child support, and/or spousal support near the beginning of the mediation. Other topics may also be covered in temporary agreements. Eventually, the agreements made in each session will be wrapped into a comprehensive draft marital settlement agreement that we will review carefully. You may take your draft agreement to a consulting attorney (referrals available) for independent legal advice.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

Many factors determine the number of sessions required. Complicated financial issues or frequent revisions to your proposed plans will require more sessions, which increases the cost. Occasional use of caucus, or private sessions, may facilitate early settlement; early settlement comes with a lower total cost. Current fee ranges are listed on my blog: Mediation Journal at blog.

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