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Family Mediation

Elder / Adult Family:

Elder Care Mediations address a wide range of topics, including elder independence, what to do when more assistance becomes necessary, relationships between adult siblings and elders, healthcare options, and financial and family business matters. These sessions can be in person or online. Online mediation is particularly helpful when family members are far apart.

Family–owned or Small–business:

Family Business Mediations assist the participants to sort out the different interests that may occur within the context of a family business or family-like relationships within a small business. Then the parties can consider a range of possible solutions and focus on those that seem most likely to produce the desired results.

Marital Mediation:

Marital Mediation provides a safe environment in which to mediate a specific issue that is troubling your marriage, with the intent of strengthening the marriage. Think of it as mediating with the goal of staying married. Flexibility and willingness to be open to new ways of looking at things is helpful. You may learn new communication skills and practice them as you navigate through the current rough waters. Sessions may be in-person or online. As with divorce mediation, online mediation using text, phone, or video can be helpful.

Conflict Coaching:

When you want to mediate, but the other party doesn’t, then conflict coaching is the next best option. You can still have a “better conflict” when you explore ways to de-escalate your own responses to conflict and to frame your own responses mindfully. Conflict coaching can be in person or online. Please inquire.

Pre-marital Conversations:

Pre-marital conversations are intended to support your upcoming marriage. Although not all couples need or want a formal pre-nuptial agreement, nearly everyone can benefit from lovingly considering some of the “what-if’s” that may arise from marriage. When you start your conversations with a mediator, rather than with an attorney who represents one party only, you are planning together for your life as a couple. Modest fees for the initial conversations make this option affordable. These conversations can be in person or online.

If you choose to have a formal, written pre-nuptial agreement, each party must take the draft agreement for review with an attorney (preferably a mediation-friendly attorney) before signing the written agreement. You should begin this process at least a month before the wedding; I recommend starting at least four months before the wedding.

Spiritual Companioning:

After a divorce or other conflict is resolved, this may be an opportune time to look inward, to contemplate new growth. In a one-to-one confidential relationship, the spiritual companion bears gentle witness to the surprising ways in which new life emerges after a period of pain or darkness. In cycles of increasing awareness, seekers may desire to pay attention to the spiritual dimensions of life, to ask the big questions such as: “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?”

For many decades now, I have sought out opportunities to learn from spiritual teachers and to serve as a spiritual midwife to seekers who wish to explore more deeply the mysteries and challenges of life. I cannot provide this service at the same time that I am serving as your mediator, but when the mediation is over, we may sit together to consider the greening leaves of new growth in your life. The sessions can be in person or online. If and when you are interested, please inquire.

I appreciate your compassion, professionalism, and attention to detail. You were a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

… appreciate her calm demeanor and gentle but effective style of mediation.”

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