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Families, Power and Mediation

What Does a Family Mediator Do?

MY JOB AS A MEDIATOR is to help you and your family have problem-solving conversations to resolve a family situation, such as a divorce or concern about aging parents. You are the most important component. You have the power; you decide what will work for you, in your unique family situation. This is what sets mediation apart from other ways of resolving family problems: the participants in family mediation (that means you) have the power to decide what to do. This is called “self-determination of the parties.” Voluntary participation, confidentiality, and self-determination are the three important principles of family mediation.

  • In divorce mediation, you and your spouse may co-create a soft landing for the end of the marriage. Mediation offers a way forward with dignity; to an agreement that creates a parenting plan, addresses child support and spousal support (if needed), divides assets and debts, or modifies existing orders.
  • Elder / family mediation provides opportunities for families to reconsider their roles, responsibilities, and relationships within the extended family. Topics include elder independence, relationships between the elder’s adult children, healthcare options, and financial and family business matters.
  • Pre-marital conversations: If you are about to take the plunge into another marriage, affirm your love and commitment through structured conversations that may serve as “divorce prevention.” We’ll talk about money (yours, mine, ours), children (yours, mine, ours), in-laws, career moves, debt, life goals, retirement goals, unspoken expectations, coping with unexpected adversity, trust, money (again) and anything else on your mind.

What makes me different from other mediators? Mediation is both a service and a calling; I listen with my heart as well as my ears. I have empathy for those who are feeling stretched to the max – I, too, was once a single parent with a demanding job and family concerns.

Let’s talk, and you can decide for yourself if my approach works for you. (626) 441-1900.

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