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Online Divorce Mediation for Eagle Rock/Highland Park

Services Provided:

  • Online Divorce Mediation includes :
    • Mediation of Divorces with Parenting Plans and Spousal Support
    • Limited Scope Mediations
    • Divorce Mediation for couples near or in retirement
    • LGBT divorces
  • Mediation of complicated family issues online, including Elder Care  and Adult Family matters
  • Conflict Coaching – the high road when the other(s) won’t mediate

What To Expect:

Conflict may seem overwhelming at first, but I listen carefully and will show you how to build your knowledge and confidence on the way to your agreement.  My booklet “Creating a Soft Landing with Mediation” is yours with the free consultation.   The optional “Roadmap” explains how your mediation is likely to unfold, step-by-step.  I am dedicated to helping you to manage the financial expense and emotional costs of your divorce or other family conflict.

What Makes Georgia Daniels, J.D., Mediator Your Best Choice?

Since 2006, I (Georgia), have mediated with hundreds of families.  I have the experience needed to accompany you on your  journey to an agreement that meets your family’s needs.

As a Certified Advanced Practitioner with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, I have the experience and training needed to serve as your divorce mediator.  I am also a retired teacher as well as a retired Oregon attorney.  Membership in the California bar is not required to serve as your divorce mediator.  By choice, I keep my fees in the “affordable” band for middle-income families.

Georgia Daniels, J.D., Mediator
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Los Angeles Mediator and Pasadena Mediator disclaimer: The California divorce mediation, estate planning mediation, family business mediation, or other family mediation information presented in this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice, nor the formation of a mediator/client relationship. Please contact Georgia Daniels for a consultation on your particular situation.