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Listening and Communication

Mediation requires listening.  Many divorce mediation participants find that, through listening intently, they really hear their spouse’s concerns, perhaps for the first time.  Deep, compassionate listening, in turn, can pave the way for agreement, and in many cases can yield fruit of the win-win variety, in which fair ad innovative solutions meed the needs of both parties.  Please call Georgia Daniels at 626-441-1900 for more information.

Mediation Is An Agreement-Reaching Process

Divorce mediation is an agreement-reaching process, in which the divorcing couple works with a trained neutral mediator, with the goal of reaching a settlement agreement covering all divorce issues:  parenting, property, and support.  Divorce mediation allows the couple to retain control over the terms and emotional tone of their divorce.  It is a client-centered, collaborative, and cooperative approach.  By choosing to retain control of their divorce, couples can maintain respect and dignity, and prepare for successful parenting in the post-divorce era.

Divorce and Personal Growth

How can divorce, which is often seen as a messy, unhappy process, ever offer possibilities for personal growth?  Divorce mediation can offer divorcing couples an array of possibilities for growth in listening, compassion, choice, and responsibility.  All of these can lead to desirable outcomes.  For more information, contact Georgia Daniels at 626.441.19.

Our House Is Underwater? What Are the Options?

Brainstorming possible options is a favorite pastime of mediators.  Even the most dire situations usually can produce several options for consideration.  Even when the choices are “bad”, “less bad”, and “maybe not quite so bad”, there may be room to negotiate, combine options, or reconsider the facts.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so please call Georgia Daniels at 626-441-1900 to schedule a free consultation.

Mediation at Your Convenience

Your schedule is crazy-busy, so a free consultation can be scheduled at 5 P.M. or 6 P.M. on weekdays, or Saturday mornings between 9 A.M. and 1 P.M.  If we are a good fit to work together, we can meet as needed in the early evening or on Saturdays, and handle some parts of the mediation by phone, email, video, etc.  To schedule your consultation, please call 626-441-1900.

My spouse doesn’t want to mediate – Part II

If your spouse initiates an adversarial process, even though you would prefer to mediate, you still have options.  You can consult with a mediator / conflict coach to focus o how you will use the process to your best advantage.  Using a mediation-based approach, you can be coached to frame positive responses to negative positions.  You can avoid needlessly escalating the conflict, and maintain a principled approach to obtaining a fair and lasting agreement.  For more information, call Georgia Daniels at 626-441-1900.

My spouse doesn’t want to mediate – Part I

Mediation is a voluntary process, so no one can be forced to mediate.  However, a reluctant spouse can usually be persuaded, eventually, that it is in his or her best interest to mediate.  It takes time, and sometimes, more time.  It is not uncommon for one spouse to be ready to plunge ahead, and get everything settled, while the other spouse is not ready to even say the word “divorce”.  Frequently, a no-obligation phone call with a mediator, to explain and de-mystify the process, is enough to encourage the reluctant spouse to meet in person with the mediator and the other party for a free consultation about mediation.  To schedule a free consultation with Georgia Daniels, please call 626-441-1900.

What about mom?

“What About Mom?” is an interactive presentation about mediation that is free, fun and informative, including audience participation, a Reader’s Theater scenario for elder mediation, reflection, and discussion. Topics include marital mediation (mediation to stay married) and divorce mediation. “What About Mom?” runs about 45-50 minutes, and is available to churches and service groups. To schedule a time for your group, please call me (Georgia) at 626-441-1900.

Mission Statement

I am committed to helping families in conflict get through the tough times with dignity and respect. Whether the issue is divorce, parenting, elder care, or multi-generational disputes regarding elders and assets, I will work with you to develop solutions and create agreements that work for your particular family in your unique circumstances. The foundation of my mediation practice is exemplary service coupled with outstanding mediation skills that draw on my experience in teaching, law, and parenting.

Divorce Mediation Fees – Per Session or Hourly

Free Phone Calls: I offer a free 15-minute phone call to each potential party.  Please call (626) 441-1900 to schedule your call.

Free Consultation – Mediation:  This free 30-minute information session provides general mediation information, usually to both parties at the same time. We can meet in person (preferred) or by phone/video.

Introduction to Mediation:  This session may be scheduled to follow directly after the free consultation; the fee is $100.  This session provides more specific information about mediation as applied to your unique circumstances.   You will receive handouts pertinent to your issues and concerns.

Mediation Fees:  You have a choice of either a per-session fee of $640 for up to three hours of mediation and follow-up, when fees are paid in advance, or an hourly fee of $220 for all mediator time in-session and between sessions.  At each stage of the mediation process, I will keep you informed of next steps and estimated fees.

Number of Sessions Required:  The number of sessions required to reach agreement in a mediated divorce depends upon the complexity of issues involved, the level of conflict, and whether both parties are “agreement-ready.”  A reasonable estimate is three to five sessions for most cases.  Complex facts or high conflict situations may still be resolved in mediation, but more sessions may be required.

It seems counter-intuitive, but cases tend to settle faster if the parties have individual sessions with the mediator at the beginning of the process and then later, if needed.  An individual session is $110 for 30 minutes; it may be scheduled to precede or follow a joint session.

Input from Other Professionals: You may need to gather information from other professionals such as appraisers, pension experts, consulting attorneys, therapists, financial professionals, etc.  Referrals are available.

Written Agreement:  The fee for a comprehensive settlement document is based on the facts and issues involved in your mediation.  This document is much more detailed than the session memos.  A typical divorce settlement is $800; the total fee will depend upon the complexity and unique attributes of your agreement.  Please inquire about fees for settlement memoranda for other types of mediation.

More Information:  Your questions are important.  My website has more information and I am happy to answer questions, so please feel free to call me at 626-441-1900.

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