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2017 Mediation Fee Schedule

FREE – Initial telephone call – up to 15 minutes

FREE – Elder and Three+ party cases –
First thirty minutes of Mediator’s time per case
FREE – First thirty-minute consultation
Two parties in joint session

$300 –  Convening an Elder /Adult Family mediation or other
multi-party case

Convening involves phone conversations with
up to 5 potential participants,

to establish willingness to participate, and inform
all of time, place and date of the first mediation;

$60          convening calls to additional participants, per call

$100 – Extended First Consultation – for potential clients who want more

time for a deeper discussion of their particular issues,  up to one
additional hour when combined with the Free  Consultation on
the same date

$180 /hr – Elder / Adult Family Mediation

$220 /hr – Divorce Mediation –

Plan A: Mediation of parenting plan and child support only,

Including two sessions of up to two hours each, plus

preparation of a written parenting plan
Range is $950-$1250

Additional hours for Plan A, if needed, $220 /hr
Plan B: Comprehensive Mediation of all issues relevant to the
divorce, which may include parenting and child support,
plus spousal support (if needed) and division of assets
and debts

Highly motivated couple with only one or two

main issues to mediate – Range is $2250-$2850

For a typical couple without high conflict
Range is $2850-$3850

With complex financial matters, high conflict or

frequent changes to previously made decisions
Range is $3850-$6000+

Deposits are required to begin all cases:

$300                Elder Mediation / Multiple Parties – applied to first draft

$750                Divorce Mediation – applied to first draft of agreement

Discounts are available when sessions are pre-paid at the time of scheduling.  Please inquire.

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