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Our House Is Underwater? What Are the Options?

Brainstorming possible options is a favorite pastime of mediators.  Even the most dire situations usually can produce several options for consideration.  Even when the choices are “bad”, “less bad”, and “maybe not quite so bad”, there may be room to negotiate, combine options, or reconsider the facts.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so please call Georgia Daniels at 626-441-1900 to schedule a free consultation.

Mediation at Your Convenience

Your schedule is crazy-busy, so a free consultation can be scheduled at 5 P.M. or 6 P.M. on weekdays, or Saturday mornings between 9 A.M. and 1 P.M.  If we are a good fit to work together, we can meet as needed in the early evening or on Saturdays, and handle some parts of the mediation by phone, email, video, etc.  To schedule your consultation, please call 626-441-1900.

My spouse doesn’t want to mediate – Part II

If your spouse initiates an adversarial process, even though you would prefer to mediate, you still have options.  You can consult with a mediator / conflict coach to focus o how you will use the process to your best advantage.  Using a mediation-based approach, you can be coached to frame positive responses to negative positions.  You can avoid needlessly escalating the conflict, and maintain a principled approach to obtaining a fair and lasting agreement.  For more information, call Georgia Daniels at 626-441-1900.

My spouse doesn’t want to mediate – Part I

Mediation is a voluntary process, so no one can be forced to mediate.  However, a reluctant spouse can usually be persuaded, eventually, that it is in his or her best interest to mediate.  It takes time, and sometimes, more time.  It is not uncommon for one spouse to be ready to plunge ahead, and get everything settled, while the other spouse is not ready to even say the word “divorce”.  Frequently, a no-obligation phone call with a mediator, to explain and de-mystify the process, is enough to encourage the reluctant spouse to meet in person with the mediator and the other party for a free consultation about mediation.  To schedule a free consultation with Georgia Daniels, please call 626-441-1900.

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