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Welcome to my virtual office! I’m Georgia Daniels, M.A., J.D., a certified Advanced Practitioner with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), a certified Online Family Mediator and Senior Mediator (, and a retired attorney (Oregon). I served as a JAG officer (USNR) immediately after law school. I have been mediating family issues in Los Angeles County since 2006.

Over the years, I have learned to listen with my heart as well as my ears. I will accompany you all the way to resolve your divorce, parenting, or other family matter online, with no commute required! Appointments for Online Divorce Mediation or Online Family Mediation are as close as your phone, tablet, or computer. Convenient appointments are available days, evenings and Saturdays. You get to choose whether we meet by video or by phone-only.

As your mediator, I will:

EXPLAIN how we will work together in ONLINE DIVORCE MEDIATION or ONLINE FAMILY MEDIATION to resolve your pressing family issues. In mediation, you, the clients, have the power to make decisions that may affect you and your family for years to come.

DESCRIBE what to expect from start to finish. Online, parties may be separated by miles — or in separate rooms, after the kids are in bed. ONLINE MEDIATION tends to be more convenient and less expensive than in-person mediation. Our goal will be a lasting agreement which reflects your priorities at a price that is reasonable.


To get started, download your free Divorce Mediation Process Map or Comparing Family & Divorce Mediation. Your personal information will not be captured or stored.


TO GET STARTED with ONLINE MEDIATION: We will begin with free, separate 15-minute phone consultations for each spouse — or up to three family members. Your phone consultation is confidential and private. Then, if you are unsure whether video would work for you, you may request a free tech session in which we will practice using Zoom or other platforms.

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Divorce is never easy an easy decision. Making the decision to use Georgia to handle our divorce and custody issues was the best decision we made. Both of us felt that we were both being heard during the entire process. She guided us through the entire process. She helped us with referrals, we felt like we had options. I highly recommend Georgia, she is professional, competent, and compassionate.”

Georgia Daniels helped my wife and I by mediating a very painful divorce. It was tough and could have gone sideways many times, but Georgia kept us on track. I am so grateful to Georgia for her patience, professionalism and kindness.”

Georgia Daniels, J.D., Mediator
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